Friday, January 28, 2011

Police communicate with barricaded suspect


Police are communicating with suspect who may have barricaded himself inside a home after he reportedly assaulted an officer.A Hallandale Police officer made a traffic stop in the area of Northwest Fifth Avenue and Foster Road, Friday night.
Reportedly, the driver jumped out of his vehicle and ran from the officer. The officer gave chase, and the suspect slammed the officer's head against a wall. The suspect fled again.
The officer was transported to a nearby hospital for his head injury. He is in stable condition.
As police searched for the suspect, officers came across a pit bull that they believed was advancing toward them. Police shot the dog three times.
According to the dog's owner, Delvin Foster, his pet did nothing wrong. "They said they were chasing somebody. Something else was going on, and they said they were pursuing the guy, but we never saw anyone. Next thing we know, two cops, a lady officer and a gentleman officer, they shot my dog. They said they were looking for someone. The person that they're looking for isn't even on my back street," he said. "I was feeding my dog. I was actually feeding him. I was mixing his food in the backyard. I guess they were coming around the corner, and the cars were down the street, so when my dog came out, they said they were in fear of their lives. My dog didn't do anything."
The pit bull will be taken to Hollywood Animal Hospital.
Authorities are currently trying to communicate with the suspect who, they believe, is barricaded inside a home in the area.


Update January 29, 2011 - The following article is by Wayne K. Roustan, Sun Sentinel:
Hallandale police officer and pit bull wounded during manhunt

Dog was shot twice by police in separate incident

A city police officer and a pet pit bull required hospital treatment following a manhunt Friday night.

The officer had head injuries and a broken finger and the dog was shot twice by another officer, according to police and the dog's owner.

It all started around 8 p.m. on Friday when Officer Eric Bruce tried to pull over a car that ran a stop sign near Northwest Sixth Avenue and Foster Road in Hallandale Beach, according to the police report.

Police say that after a brief pursuit, the suspect – 29-year-old Jarvis Barnes – jumped out of a Toyota Avalon and wrestled with Officer Bruce during a foot chase. That's when the office was injured.

According to the police report, Barnes ran off and a SWAT team surrounded a house on the 500 block of Foster Road where the suspect was later arrested.

Barnes was charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. Police also found cannabis in the car Barnes was driving. He had a suspended license and was on probation, according to the report.

During the incident, Delvin Foster was feeding his 5-year-old, 80 pound dog Adam in the backyard of his girlfriend's home on the 500 block of Northwest Sixth Street when he heard the commotion out front.

According to Foster, the dog "trotted" toward the noise and he called the dog back.

"Soon as I said 'Adam, get over here,' I heard a couple of shots; three or four shots," he said.

Foster said he ran around the corner and was confronted by two officers. "The cops put guns in my face telling me to get down, so I complied," Foster said.

The dog had been shot in the shoulder and the back.

Foster claims one of the two officers admitted to shooting his dog, saying "he was in fear for his life."

"My dog was retreating back to me and that's why he was shot in his back," he said. "I really don't understand."

Girlfriend Catherine Runyon says the two police officers allowed her to put the wounded dog back in his cage but would not let her take the dog to a veterinarian for medical attention.

"They said they had to wait for people to come and take pictures of the dog and it was almost two hours before they did finally come," Runyon said. "And, the dog is just sitting there bleeding to death."

A friend eventually took the dog to the Hollywood Animal Hospital where vets were waiting for a $1,000 down payment before beginning any surgery, Foster said. The dog is expected to survive its wounds.

Foster was at police headquarters Saturday morning trying to get the city to pay the estimated $2,500 vet bill.

Hallandale Beach Police Capt. Paul Robert said a neighbor corroborated the officers' version of what happened and no report would be released regarding the dog shooting.

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