Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pony attacked in field by pitbull-type dog

From Horsetalk

A pony named Brian has been savaged by a dog in Britain, leaving the animal nursing nasty wounds and his owner incensed by a lack of interest in the case by the police and the RSPCA.

Sonia Gardner, of Edwinstowe, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, said Brian was attacked on Monday by a pitbull-type dog which its owner had let the loose on an adjacent footpath. "It came through the hedge and rail-post fence and attacked him."
Brian was left with bites to his legs and the dog managed to get him to the ground, inflicting wounds all over his face and inside his mouth.
"He is in a real mess around his face," Sonia says.
"My Dad managed to rip the dog off Brian whilst the owner watched on and would not help my Dad because he was frightened of his own dog.
"The police were called but they didn't want to know because it was an attack on an animal by another animal. We also phoned the RSPCA and they also didn't even want to know, either," she said.
"The dog is clearly a dangerous dog yet no-one will take the initiative to investigate to even check if it is, indeed, a banned breed; it seems we are just to wait until it attacks a human."
Sonia said the owner has been asked to have the dog destroyed because it will attack again.
"His answer was he could not afford it.
"We are now in for a very large vet bill. The owner of the dog has not volunteered to pay the bill and we will be unable to force him to pay unless we take costly steps through the small claims court ourselves.
"The vet had to be called out on a bank [public] holiday to treat our horse and she spent an hour and a half cleaning all the wounds and putting several clips on a large open wound on one of his legs."
Brian has had numerous injections and the family now faces days of worrying over his recover.
"How can we stop these mindless people breeding pitbull-types, letting them run loose in public places and the owners have no control over them?
"We must try and stop them breeding this type of animal."
Sonia said Brian was a rescue pony adopted from the Thornbury Rescue Centre to give him a better life.
"Now we must look at fencing our own field to stop dogs getting in."

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