Friday, January 28, 2011

Three injured in pit bull attack


The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and Animal Control are investigating a pit bull attack in a neighborhood near East Sahara and South Lamb that occurred Friday night just before 6 pm. Officers say the dog first attacked a 55-year-old woman. She is said to be seriously injured; she lost a few fingers and may end up losing a foot.
After the dog attacked a second woman, a man intervened, and he too was bit by the pit bull before shooting the dog to death. The extent of his injuries is unknown.
The three victims were taken to Sunrise Hospital.
Police initially believed that two female children were attacked by the pit bull but officers later confirmed that it was two adult women.

Update January 31, 2011 - The following article is from KTNV:

Expert weighs after pit bull attacks three people

After a pit bull attacks and nearly costs a woman her life, experts explain how a family pit bull can turn at any time.
Friday night a 55-year old woman is attacked at a home, near Sahara and Lamb, by the family dog.  A second woman steps in gets attacked.  Then a man, the dog's owner, is also bitten.
That's when the owner got a gun and shot the dog at least four times, killing it.
"Nobody ever knows what brings on an attack but its very sad and very scary," founder of pit bull rescue group, Bully Buddies of Las Vegas, Lisa Kirk says.
The 55-year old woman lost fingers and may end up loosing a foot and part of her arm.
"Even if they don't start a fight or anything, they're going to finish it," Kirk says.
Kirk says even if an owner does everything right, complete with training and correct socialization, a pit bull can still snap.
"Unfortunately yeah, unless you really know how the dog has been bred or raised you don't know.  Unfortunately they're so inbred and over bred you don't know their temperament," Kirk says.
Pit bulls were bred to be dog on dog aggressive.  No one knows why they sometimes go after humans.   Kirk says make sure if you get a pit bull you have a dominant personality and you put the work into it to make sure its properly trained.


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