Friday, January 28, 2011

Vicious Dog Attack Has Victim Petitioning For County Leash Law

By Natasha Chen, WREG

A woman attacked by her neighbor's pit bull and two other dogs is now petitioning for a leash law in Crittenden County.

She and her neighbors live very close to the Marion city limits. But in county territory, there are no leash laws that prohibit dogs from running loose.

On Jan. 18, Linda Stanford was walking down her street to a nearby pond.

"I didn't even make it to the pond. That pit bull and those other two dogs come out at me, and they surrounded me. And they just started biting me," she said.

Stanford said she screamed for help, and a neighbor got the dogs off of her. But the dog owners, she said, didn't seem to have much reaction.

"It hurts. When you get bit by a dog, it hurts. And they don't know what I've been going through, because they haven't even apologized," Stanford said.

The pit bull's owner, Daniel Norwood, said, "I tried to go down there and apologize to her, and they wanted to get all loud and cuss, and make a scene out of it, so I just stopped going down there."

Norwood and his brother own the three dogs that attacked Stanford. They said that they felt bad for what happened.

Another neighbor, Jessie Misskelley, said that the same pit bull bit him on the hand two weeks ago.

"At that time I already had my gun and was going to shoot the dog, and he grabbed the dog and ran in the house," he said.

Misskelley said he was the first to sign a petition that Stanford wrote up, aiming to create laws that would prevent further injuries.

The Norwoods admitted the pit bull has been a bit aggressive in the past, but they said it may be because the dog is currently pregnant.

They also said they agree the county could benefit from a leash law, since another neighborhood dog attacked their dog not too long ago.

On Monday, the Stanfords will be meeting with the Crittenden County sheriff to see if the dog owners could possibly be prosecuted under the vicious dog ordinance.

Sheriff Mike Allen told News Channel 3 even the ordinance does not have clear guidelines as to whether dogs must be leashed. Allen said that future amendments or additional ordinances may be considered.

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