Monday, January 17, 2011

Woman claims animal control's slow response caused weeks of fear

By Julie Straw, WLBT

A stray pit bull had a south Jackson resident living in fear for her safety every time she stepped out of her house.  She claims animal control officers were slow to respond after repeated calls to their office.   According to Nancy Carter, it took two months for Jackson Animal Control officers to remove a stray pit bull on Ridgeland Drive.
"Nobody ever came.  The dog was coming and going and growling at me every time I came out my house," said Carter.
From time to time she would see the dog taking shelter in the carport of a vacant house next door.  Carter said she called Jackson Police dispatch several times during those couple of months to escort her from the driveway to inside her house.   Then last Thursday the dog moved onto her front stoop.  She made the call to Jackson Police again.
"She threatened me.  She said we're going to send an officer out, but if you are not in that car and that dog is not on that porch we're going to give you a ride.  Slam!" exclaimed Carter.
Carter contacted animal control, the police, the Mayor's action line, even the Mississippi Animal Rescue League before an animal control officer would set a trap on Friday.  Saturday the dog was captured and Sunday animal control took it away.
"They are not doing their job.  Animal Control is not doing their job," said Carter.
According to the most recent statistics from the Mississippi Spay and Neuter Alliance, Jackson Animal Control took in 1,538 animals and euthanized 1,048 in 2009.
An animal control manager was not available for comment Monday.

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