Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ailing pit bull needs help with knees, mange

By Samantha Gowan, The Orange County Register

A young dog named Turtle has had a spate of bad luck when it comes to his health and home.
The pit bull was pulled by the nonprofit Stella's Hope from Orange County Animal Care's shelter in March 2010.

"He was just a puppy and he had an amazing group of networkers and fans who rallied around and raised the funds to pull him and treat his condition," said Holli Griggs with Stella's Hope.
Turtle was covered head-to-toe in demodectic mange and was facing euthanasia because of his condition, she said.
Turtle was placed into a foster home with another pet rescuer. After a few months of treatment, his mange was healed. At the time, a veterinarian diagnosed a limp as "slip knee" and said the dog would grow out of it.

Unfortunately the foster home was not a good fit for Turtle, Griggs said, and because of an overly stressful environment, the mange returned.
The mange and a suppressed immune system wrought havoc on the young dog's already weakened legs. After an exam at Back Bay Vet Hospital, veterinarians discovered Turtle had luxating (slipping) kneecaps and torn ligaments in both his back legs.
Surgery to fix both of Turtle's knees will cost about $4,000, if the nonprofit can raise the money.
"Turtle is one of the happiest, most appreciative dogs I have met in all my rescue days," she said. "Stella's Hope takes in many medical cases and does not believe a dogs life should have a price tag on it."

If you would like to help Turtle:
  • Contributions can go to Back Bay Vet Hospital, 4263 Birch St., Newport Beach, CA 92660, or call 949-756-0554.
  • Donations also can be made online at www.stellashope.org or by mail to Stella's Hope, P.O. Box 4145, Costa Mesa, 92628.

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