Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bartlett Police Stand Behind Decision to Enter Memphis, Shoot Dog

By Bonny Kinney, WREG

The Bartlett Police Department is standing behind its decision to cross jurisdictional lines into the City of Memphis, and to shoot a dog in the process of issuing a search warrant.

On Friday, February 18th, Bartlett Narcotics officers went to a home on Willet in North Memphis to issue a search warrant stemming from a drug case that originated in Bartlett.

As a courtesy, they notified Memphis police that they were crossing city boundaries, and Memphis officers arrived on the scene to assist.

The move came after Bartlett officers caught flack last year for failing to notify Memphis of their plans to execute a search warrant in Memphis.

The incident later resulted in a Bartlett officer shooting and killing a Memphis man.

That shooting was ultimately ruled justified, but it reinforced the need to make sure Memphis officers knew what was happening in their own city.

In this most recent case, gunfire erupted again, this time at a pit bull dog. While Bartlett police say the dog "charged and threatened" them, the North Memphis resident says the eight-month-old dog, Lexus, was locked in a bathroom when officers arrived.

"That was my best friend, and they just came in here and killed her," said Maurice Flanagan. "I said my dog is in the back and as soon as I got done saying that, we heard four shots go off. I was like, 'oh my God'," Flanagan added.

No arrests were made Friday, but Bartlett police did confiscate marijuana, a scale, a gun, a cell phone and money from the North Memphis home.

They say the investigation into the drug case is ongoing. 

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