Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bow hunter kills dogs attacking goats between Phelan, Calder

By Dan Wallach, Beaumont Enterprise

Five of Sam Parigi's goats and sheep that he keeps on 3 acres of land between Phelan Boulevard and Calder Avenue were attacked Tuesday by a pair of pit bull dogs.
A passerby saw the attack under way around 10:30 a.m. from Phelan Boulevard, turned onto Calder to get a better look and tried to distract the dogs from the attack.
When those efforts failed, the passerby used a bow and arrow to kill the dogs to stop the attack.
Parigi said the passerby called 911 and Parigi's real estate office from the telephone number listed on a "For Sale" sign on the property.
A woman from Parigi's office arrived on the scene, called Parigi, who said he spoke with the passerby, who had gone home to get his hunting bow and arrow.
Parigi, a professed animal lover who has said he would never kill one of his animals, said he told the man to shoot the attacking dogs with his bow and arrow.
None of Parigi's animals was killed in the attack, but a some lost ears, another lost a tail and another was bitten around the neck.

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  1. these were my two babies... Stripe 2 yr old and Gracie 1 yr old. we are heart broken over this. the winds were really strong and blew down a section of our 6 foot privacy fence letting them escape. they were well cared for and interacted with our kids, friends, and other dogs. they did not like possums but welcomed the birds to their feeding bowls and water. i have no explantion, no rhyme or reason. we are at a huge loss over this tragedy.


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