Friday, February 18, 2011

City counts 17 dangerous dogs in six years

From Kamloops Daily News

A report on dangerous dogs requested by City council shows there have been 17 dogs deemed dangerous in Kamloops since 2005.
Fifteen of those dogs still live in City limits while the other two were stolen from the pound and never recovered.
Of those 17 dangerous dogs, 10 are pit bulls or Staffordshire bull terriers, three are Labs and there’s one each of German shepherd, husky, bull dog and mastiff.
“Our legislation is it’s the deed, not the breed,” City corporate and community affairs director Len Hrycan said Friday.
He said a recent review of the conditions on those dogs shows 41 per cent of the owners weren’t in full compliance. The City is starting enforcement procedures on those owners.
In doing the report, staff noticed a few gaps in the bylaws that prompted some recommendations to go to council for tightening up.
Council will consider those recommendations Tuesday.
The first is to change from the term “dangerous” dog to “aggressive.” It’s not a big deal, but Hrycan explained it has to do with the Community Charter making reference to destruction of dangerous dogs.
The City wants to ensure there’s no confusion between the two, as its bylaw is broader than the charter, he said.
The biggest change is to require electronic microchips for any dog deemed aggressive. Aggressive dogs already have to be on a leash; the revision would not allow retractable leashes that can vary in length and restrict leashes to two metres.
“We’re trying to separate the bylaw from charter definitions,” Hrycan said.
“We’re looking to clarify the wording in the bylaw so there’s no room for interpretation.”

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