Monday, February 14, 2011

City residents take to rare dog breeds

By Shivani Mehra, from Times of India

Known for their aggression, certain breeds of dogs have found welcome takers in city's residents due to worsening security situation. These breeds are fearsome for others but gentle and calm for their masters.

Among these breeds are American pitbull, boxer, rottweiler, Cane Corso and many others. While talking to TOI, veterinary doctor Jaspreet Singh Mauj said that many people visited him every day for the routine check-ups and vaccinations of the pet dogs. Earlier, nearly 5% of visitors used to keep aggressive dogs while now, 10% of them were keeping such breeds, he said.

He said that the aggressive dogs that were kept, as pets were always calm, while the dogs those fought at fight clubs were a little violent and tried to bite others even at clinics.

Twentynine-year-old Jagdeep Singh said that he had just bought an 18-month-old female pitbull breed dog from Canada, named Sam. ''I always had love for aggressive dogs as I had read about it many times. Earlier also I had pet dogs but they were not pitbull. I bought Sam for my parents to take care of them as normally I spend time in Canada,'' he said, adding that Sam was very calm and never behaved violently with any of his family members. Sunny Gill, another pet lover, said that he had 15-month-old American pitbull. Saying he was very fond of dogs, he added that he loved his pets so deeply that he would not sell them for any price.

Another local said that he had just bought two dogs, one female Neapolitan mastiff dog and one noxer, adding that he had also ordered for one female Cane Corso. ''I don't have any problem while dealing with my dogs except for their food habit. They eat much more than any normal dog,'' he said.

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