Saturday, February 19, 2011

Neglected, starving dogs rescued by Rugaz Rescue in Pasco County

By Janie Porter, WTSP

They're the latest casualties of our country's struggling economy: neglected animals. Dogs rescued: Honey Bun, Barnaby, and Frisco
This year, the number of neglect cases in Pasco County has tripled, according to Rugaz Rescue, which rescues American Pit Bull Terriers.
"[We don't know] whether it be due to the economy, people not able to afford their vet care, job loss, foreclosure," said founder Devilyn Saunders.
She founded the group, which is currently caring for 56 dogs, six years ago.
Honey Bun is one of the latest rescues. She came in about a month ago, weighing a mere 17 pounds and suffering from a severe skin infection.
"She came to us house-broken and crate-trained so somebody loved [her]. It's sad somebody didn't turn her in to a rescue," Saunders said.
But eventually, Honey Bun found her way to Rugaz Rescue. She's gained about 10 pounds, and even though she's still half the weight of a normal pit bull terrier her age, she's alive.
"She's a little miracle girl!" Saunders said.
Rugaz Rescue is looking for foster homes for rescued dogs. You don't have to live in Pasco. Rugaz needs foster homes in all Bay-area counties. Also, not all the dogs are sick. Some are healthy and just need a warm place to sleep.
The group also has a grant program for people who can't afford their pets.
Saunders should be ready for adoption in the next three months.

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