Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Officer shoots, kills 2 pit bulls in central Fresno

By Jim Guy, The Fresno Bee

Two pit bulls were shot to death by a Fresno police officer after they attacked a smaller dog in central Fresno this morning.
The pit bulls, both of which appeared to weigh more than 60 pounds, were unfazed when the officer fired less-lethal rounds at them as they roamed through a neighborhood near Belmont and Yosemite avenues about 8 a.m., witnesses said.
The officer then fired several rounds from a shotgun and his handgun to put the animals down. "He even started with beanbag rounds in an attempt to dissuade the animals, but once they get into a fight drive ... it's very difficult to stop them," Lt. Burke Farrah said.
Farrah said there were several baby toys in the area where the dogs were roaming and that events could have taken a much more dangerous turn.
Farrah said the animals were "street pits that have no obedience, no control."
A witnesses said the pit bulls were going after the smaller dog. "They were going to have him for lunch," said the man, who did not want to be identified. "I heard two shotgun rounds and then three handgun rounds."
The smaller dog ran off after the attack and the owner was searching for it. Animal control officers said the pit bulls did not have embedded chips that would help authorities to find an owner.

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