Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pit bull proponents look to overturn 1990 city prohibition

By Ross Romaniuk, Winnipeg Sun

Banned in Winnipeg for the past 21 years, widely dreaded pit bulls might be about to reappear legally in the city.
After launching an e-mail campaign, advocates for ownership of the reputedly vicious dog breed are expected to urge a group of councillors Monday to repeal the municipal prohibition that began in 1990. Coun. Gord Steeves, who met with some of the pit bull supporters in December, says he’ll listen with an open mind when they come before the protection and community services committee.
“They have certain feelings on the breed, and feel that it’s been unfairly treated over time with this ban,” said Steeves (St. Vital), the committee’s chairman. “It’s probably fair that we have the discussion. And then we can ask our people to review it.”
Winnipeg outlawed the breed after several highly publicized and horrific attacks by pit bulls that caused people severe injuries. The dogs have since continued to make headlines in Canada for such incidents, many of which have enraged the public.
But Winnipeg’s Melanie Schmidt, one of many to join a Facebook group advocating for the breed, said the city’s prohibition is a slippery slope.
“It starts with pit bulls and eventually goes to other breeds,” said Schmidt, who doesn’t own a dog. “It’s all about responsible ownership.”
Bill McDonald, executive director of the Winnipeg Humane Society, said outlawing ownership of a breed does no public good.
“It’s all in the person who owns the dog and what they’re doing to train that dog,” he said. “I’ve met dozens of delightful pit bulls. And you can train a cocker spaniel to hurt people.”

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  1. Some eight or nine varieties of dogs come within the general classification of Bull Breeds, American Staffordshire terriers are the largest of the breed and the most aggressive ,the pit bull terrier can lock its jaws .

    In England, the Stafford is known by the affectionate nickname, "The Children's Nursemaid" or "The Nanny Dog." Their tolerance of, and affection for, children is well known. That doesn't mean, however, that it's a wise idea of put the puppy and child together without supervision. Children should learn to respect the dog and neither should indulge in play that is too rough.

    Some Staffords - even the males - have a "mothering instinct" and will stick right by the little ones, whether they are puppies or kids. A Stafford, "tough" and not as quick to react to pain or discomfort, is likely to make allowance for the attentions of toddler, finding a refuge only when things become too overwhelming.

    As Steve Eltinge in the book, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier in America says, "When a Stafford shows its teeth in a snarl, it can be frightening." They look tough and can be a positive deterrent to thieves, but because of their natural fondness for people, most Staffords are temperamentally ill-suited for guard or attack-dog training." As with other members of the Bull and Terrier family, they can be the biggest people lovers in the world!

    Small dogs in general are at the top of list for dog attacks ask any mail carrier of delivery boy , contractor , On the tv series Dog whisperer , Russel terriers German Sheppard and rottweilers
    and boxers, Doberman ,Dalmatian,Alaskan Malamutes,Huskies,Bull Mastiff, we might as well ban everything

    The fact that it was smaller breeds like Chihuahuas that were involved in some of the highest number of dog bites is not something that should be a surprise to a California dog bite attorney. However, the fact that a large number of dog bites in the Big Apple last year involved smaller breeds like poodles and Chihuahuas would surprise a lot of people. After all, these so-called cutesy dogs, are more fashion accessories than pets for the privileged. Paris Hilton and her Chihuahua Tinkerbell come to mind. It's precisely their miniature size and the fact that they're carted along to a lot of public places where large dogs may not be taken, that increase the risk of dog bites involving these animals. In New York, specially, well-heeled Manhattanites think nothing of walking their poodle on a leash on a busy street, or to the salon. In a social setting, with a large number of people fussing and fretting over it, any dog's natural instincts will kick in, regardless of whether it is a German shepherd or a Chihuahua.

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