Monday, February 14, 2011

Pit Bull Puppy Used As Bait In Dog Fighting Ring

From CBS News

Kelly, a Pit Bull Terrier puppy, Found Wandering Streets with Scars and Broken Jaw; Taken in By Foster Family to Heal

A pit bull puppy used as bait in a Southern New Jersey dog fighting ring has begun the long road to recovery.
Kelly, a black and white Pit Bull Terrier, was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia before being picked up by Animal Control, reports WCBS 880. She was then sent to Animal Alliance of Lambertville, a nonprofit organization that tends to severely abused animals.
According to Animal Alliance, bait dogs like Kelly are thrown in between two powerful dogs to begin a dog fight. Bait dogs are small, submissive dogs that are torn apart by the two dogs, who will ultimately redirect their aggression toward each other, leaving the bait dog badly wounded. Often used to start fights, bait dogs are usually killed in the ring or by their owners. Sometimes they are abandoned when they are no longer of use to the pit bull fighters.
Kelly's injuries are common on bait dogs: large open wounds on her legs, head and ears. Most disturbingly, her lower jaw had been broken; the bone was exposed, infected and very painful.

Three local vets at different central New Jersey practices are working together to help Animal Alliance assist Kelly in her recovery.
Dr. Wendy Ross operates a Veterinary clinic off Route 22 in Lebanon, NJ, and performed surgery on Kelly's jaw. The surgery wasn't cosmetic. It was necessary for Kelly to ever to eat again.
Pre-operative care was donated by Dr. Lesley Vannerson at Yardville Animal Hospital and post-operative care is to be done by Animal Alliance's veterinarian, Dr. Lorraine Marks at Round Valley Animal Hospital, also in Lebanon.
Foster care is being provided by a loving Somerset County, NJ, family that includes young children.
Kelly should be ready for adoption in about six weeks, but donations are desperately needed to defray the costs of Kelly's surgery and ongoing medical care. To donate or to inquire about adoption, visit and click on "Donate Now."

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