Sunday, February 20, 2011

Police officer Wes Hanrahan laid up following dog attack

By Michelle Hoctor, Illawarra Mercury

A Nowra police officer has a couple more scars to add to his collection after being bitten by a pit bull terrier at the weekend.Sergeant Wes Hanrahan was attending a call-out at Bomaderry on Saturday morning when the dog leapt from behind a fence and latched on to his face.
The dog's teeth tore two deep cuts from his lips to his chin that required surgery to repair.
Wife Cathy Hanrahan, who was at his side at St George Hospital yesterday, said he would have two more trophy scars to show for his 29 years on the job.
"He's been attacked by plenty of other things, but this is the first time a dog's got him," she said.
Sgt Hanrahan was attending an address in Bunberra St, following inquiries into a domestic-related incident, when the attack occurred at 11am.
Shoalhaven Police Acting Inspector Kevin Henry said Sgt Hanrahan approached the front gate of the house when he was attacked by one of three pit bulls at the premises.
"The sergeant was bitten on the lower face and forced back before the owner eventually secured his pets," Insp Henry said.
Sgt Hanrahan, 48, was taken by ambulance to Shoalhaven Hospital before being transferred to Sydney, where doctors performed surgery for an hour to repair the damage.
Mrs Hanrahan said her husband was "a bit of a mess" but in good spirits.
"He's not speaking too well. His chin is ripped from his lip all the way down in a couple of places. It's not very pretty," she said.
Sgt Hanrahan has made headlines previously, specifically for acts of bravery.
In 2003, the father of two received the Commissioner's Valour Medal after taking a knife off a man who was trying to commit suicide.
Following the weekend incident, a 25-year-old man was charged with being the owner of an attacking dog as well as domestic-related offences including assault and two counts of breaching an AVO.
The dog was handed to the local council and destroyed.

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