Monday, February 14, 2011

Police Tase Aggressive Dog in Claremont

From ARL Now

A pit bull that attacked a pet sitter and then went after another dog was Tasered by police Friday evening.
Police were called to a home on the 2400 block of South Dinwiddie Street in Claremont for a report of a man being attacked by a dog. By the time officers arrived, just after 5:30 p.m., the dog was no longer attacking the man. Instead, it had another pit bull by the throat.
An officer attempted to separate the two dogs. When those attempts were unsuccessful, the officer used a Taser on the aggressive dog, according to police spokesperson Det. Crystal Nosal.
The man, who had been hired to watch over the two dogs, was injured and required medical attention. The pit bills were taken to an emergency veterinarian.

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  1. I live in the Claremont Community just around the corner from where the incident occurred. Having had many joyful experiences with pure Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes one on one and in the pack environment of a Dog Daycare, I contacted the Arlington, VA Police Department to find out more about the situation with a particular interest in the possible mishandling and lack of knowledge by the perosn who was hired to care for the dogs. Although they could not reveal any specific details, I did obtain one very important piece of information: Thankfully, according to the Police, one of the responding Officers was a former K9 Officer - I hate to think what would have happened otherwise!


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