Friday, February 11, 2011

RM of Springfield scraps pit bull ban

From CTV

The RM of Springfield has decided not to ban pit bulls, but it's still working on toughening laws against vicious dogs.
Thursday night more than 100 people showed up at an open house to discuss a proposed pet control bylaw.
Under the proposed bylaw, any dog with a violent history would have to be muzzled in public and the owner would be forced to pay medical bills if the dog initiates an attack.
Darlene Magas says she defended herself with a shovel when two Pit Bulls attacked her dog and then came at her.
The fight left her dog struggling to survive.
"It was horrifying. I thought my dog was dying in front of me," she says.
Darlene's husband, Jim McCarthy, is the new Reeve for the RM of Springfield. He says he wants to prevent others from falling victims to dog attacks.
"Our main concern is to make sure the safety of our public is ensured," says McCarthy.
Some community members say the bylaw should be stronger.
"If you can't handle the dogs you've been dealing with you shouldn't be able to have them because it's a matter of public safety," says Han Vandenheuvel.
Others argue the bylaw should be thrown out completely.
"They have some of the best pet experts in the province in their RM that they didn't bother consulting," says Nadeen Pickard.
With such a contentious issue one councillor suggested it may be best to scrap the bylaw and start over.
A decision on how to move forward will be made in the next few weeks.

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