Tuesday, February 1, 2011

'Twas slow and slippery on the streets of Oak Cliff

By Roy Appleton, The Dallas Morning News

We were out and about on the mean, slippery streets of Oak Cliff this a.m. checking out the situations. Mighty slow and quiet with a few struggling cars and spinning wheels here and there. A few walkers about. Nothing to stop the presses. What did we miss?
Talked with Gloria Robledo and son Junior Catalan as they walked home from a CVS with a purchase of pizza, eggs and cereal. Gloria figured it would be safer to walk than drive. Junior, 8, said he was looking forward to a day inside -- in front of the TV no less. They were dressed well for the cold, with Gloria confirming she was into a pair of long johns. "I'm from Chicago. I know how to dress."
We talked with Gillian Chapman-Browne, playing outside with a tree branch, enjoying her free day from school. "I love my teachers, but you always need a break from something," she said.
And DMN reporter Nancy Visser and photographer Lisa Levrier ran across Michael Mendez, Jose Reyez and others trying help a Lexus up an icy hill on Elmdale Place near Tyler.
Michael and Jose chained their pit bull terriers -- one to a stop sign and the other to a stake in the ground -- while they joined in the good will. As Nancy describes it:
"When the group couldn't get the Lexus moving, they pulled branches off an evergreen tree to place in front of the tires for traction. It was a chaotic scene, with dogs barking, wheels spinning, and clouds of exhaust engulfing the car. The driver eventually got both back wheels back onto the roadway, and he put it in reverse down Elmdale to try a different route. Then Michael Mendez unchained his pit bull, Keenen, and Jose Reyez took his dog, Rocky, and they walked back into the neighborhood."
More likely to come Wednesday morning. As always we welcome tips, heads-ups and photos to rappleton@dallasnews.com.
Stay warm, be safe.

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