Friday, March 18, 2011

2010 Stats Released, Labs Top Of Omaha List For Biting

By Erika Summers, KMTV

A dog attack sparked quite a debate on KMTV Action 3 News' Facebook page earlier this week. Many people believe a dog's behavior is the result of how the owner raises the animal. New statistics are out for which breeds bit the most in 2010 in Omaha. The Nebraska Humane Society records every dog bite people get and what breed of dog did it. Labs have been the biggest biters for the last two years. "That surprises me because labs are usually the most playful, maybe they nip in play because that's what he does," said golden retriever owner Gale McKenna. "I'm kind of surprised by that. Everybody talks about how dangerous pit bulls and rottweilers are but that is kind of surprising," said dog owner Matt Salter.
The Nebraska Humane Society recorded 79 dog bites from labs last year, 44 from German shepherds, 42 from pit bulls and 33 from Chihuahuas. The humane society says Omaha has a high population of labs in the metro area. "We have a lot of labs, one of the most popular breeds but we also encounter a lot of serious bites from labs so they're not to be taken lightly," said Nebraska Humane Society's Mark Langan. "I almost thought pit bulls would be number one and Chihuahuas are kind of hyper and I can see them bite," said dog owner Cheryl Derks.
In the last two years, statistics show pit bull bites have plummeted since the humane society started holding owners accountable. "We're seeing a dramatic decrease of pit bull bites from 115 in 2008 to 42 reported in 2010 which tells us people are taking the muzzle harness law very seriously," said Langan.
Ultimately, the humane society says a dog's behavior is the owner's responsibility.

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