Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brevard Woman Attacked By Neighbor's Dogs


1 Dog Expected To Be Destroyed

A Brevard County woman called on authorities to destroy two pit bulls who attacked her Wednesday.
Debra Connor, 57, hobbled on bandaged legs after the attack, which occurred in front of her home on Hess Street in Canaveral Groves.
"I thought I was dead," Connor said. "I was terrified."
Connor said she noticed the two dogs, named Scooby and Rusty, in her yard as she was about to go for a walk. The dogs live across the street and are owned by Cynthia Phillips, according to a Brevard County Animal Services official.
Connor said the dogs were wagging their tails and willingly followed her as she took them back to their owner's yard. The owner was not at home at the time.
When Connor turned to leave, she said the dogs attacked.One of the dogs left a wound on the back of her leg that was several inches long. She eventually fought off the dogs with a stick and managed to make it back to the pool enclosure in her yard.
But the dogs tore through the enclosure, Connor said, and gnawed the screen door to her house in an attempt to get back to her.
When paramedics arrived, Connor said the dogs pinned them in their trucks, leaving them unable to help her until deputies arrived and secured them.
Brevard County Animal Services officers quarantined one of the dogs, Rusty, and plan to destroy it, a spokesman said.
Phillips was fined $675.
The other dog, Scooby, is not believed to have bitten Connor and was returned to Phillips.
"That dog should go away," said Connor in reference to Scooby. She believes the second dog is also dangerous and should be destroyed.

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