Sunday, March 6, 2011

Man Holds Police at Bay with Pit Bull and Shotgun

From NBC Los Angeles

Police arrested man for possession

A man, who admitted to smoking methamphetamine all day and hearing voices in his closet, held off police with a shotgun and a pit bull for a brief moment early Sunday morning.
Cathedral City police Sgt. Corwin de Veas said police received a call at 3:49 a.m. regarding a possible break-in at a residence in the 67200 block of Vista Chino Road in Cathedral City. The resident, Mathew Tobias Munoz, 23, said from inside that he heard voices in his closet and believed someone had broken into his home.
Munoz told police dispatchers he was armed with a loaded 12-gauge shotgun and had a pit bull with him, said de Veas. As he spoke, he appeared to be confused and was rambling, said police.
Officers went to the residence and told Munoz to come out of the house without his weapons so that they could check for intruders. Munoz refused at first but then came out of the house holding his shotgun as the pit bull charged toward officers.
Officers told Munoz to drop his weapon and take control of the dog, which he did after a few minutes, said de Veas. Munoz was detained as officers searched the home for intruders but no one was inside.
Munoz continued to ramble and admitted to officers that he had been smoking methamphetamines all day, said de Veas.
Munoz was arrested for possession of a loaded firearm while under the influence of a controlled substance and probation violation for assault with a deadly weapon.
No one was injured during the incident. The pit bull was taken to a local animal shelter.

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