Wednesday, March 2, 2011

McConnells man convicted in dogfighting case

By Kimberly Dick, The Herald

One of three McConnells men charged with dogfighting after a make-shift ring was found in the woods has been sentenced to five years in prison.
Anthoni Latorando Orr, 40, was convicted of possession of a dog for the purpose of fighting after a one-day trial in York County Wednesday, said Assistant 16th Circuit Solicitor Dan Hall.
Judge John Hayes sentenced Orr to five years in prison, the maximum he could receive for this crime, Hall said.
This is the second time Orr has been convicted of animal-fighting related charges in York County.
Deputies with the York County Sheriff’s Office found the dogfighting pit, with temporary lights in the trees and buckets of blood near the wood pit, in February 2010. About 100 feet from the pit, officers found a pack of 13 pit bulls confined with apparent scars on their bodies.
Orr was one of three men arrested after deputies found that ring behind their home on West McConnells Highway.
George Burris, 75, and Deon Burris, 30, still await prosecution for similar charges in connection with this case.
A tip from a neighbor led to the discovery of these animals and the pit. The pit bulls weren’t badly injured but had signs of being hurt in fights in the past. The animals’ living conditions didn’t meet county standards.
County animal control officials confiscated and treated the animals. Most of the dogs were put down shortly after their discovery for humane reasons. State law prohibited animal control from releasing a “dangerous animal” for adoption.The dogs also were in poor medical condition.
Only two of the 13 dogs were released to a rescue to be adopted.
This isn’t the first conviction for Orr related to animal cruelty. Orr was convicted of animal fighting and ill treatment of animals in 2000 and sentenced to probation, according to a State Law Enforcement Division background check.
Those charges stem from an investigation in 1997 where sheriff’s deputies searched Orr’s barn at 1350 W. McConnells Highway and seized several wooden stakes used to separate dogs during a fight.

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