Monday, March 28, 2011

Pit bull attacks Mesa officers

By Nicole Klauss, AZ Central

Mesa Police officers shot and killed a pit bull that attacked them while they were responding to a vicious dog call, police said Monday.
The officers received a call on Saturday from a resident on the 8000 block of East Iran Avenue near the U.S. 60.
The caller said he saw a black pit bull try to attack his neighbor. The neighbor was able to run into his home, where he had a gun, according to police.
The caller was able to identify the dog as belonging to another neighbor.
The first neighbor's home had a four-foot fence surrounding the yard, and when police arrived on scene they were able to close the gate to contain the dog. Officers attempted to catch the dog with an animal noose while standing outside the fence.
While they were attempting to catch the dog, Mesa police said a white pit bull climbed the second neighbor's backyard fence and entered the driveway. Officers approached the second dog and were able to lasso it with the noose. While attempting to take the dog to the car, the first dog climbed the first neighbor's fence and approached the officers.
Officers tried to TASER the dog twice, but it did not affect dog either time.
Police said the dog tried to bite one of the officers, but only ripped the officer's glove off. When the dog charged at a second officer, officers shot the dog.
No officers were injured.
Charges against the owner were pending investigation.

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