Thursday, March 10, 2011

Search warrant leads to 5 arrests, serious dog bite

By Courtney Flynn, The Voice

A Chesterfield Township police detective received a serious dog bite wound on the night of March 8 after the department’s detective bureau and patrol units executed a search warrant in the Home Town Chesterfield mobile home park.

At 10:30 p.m. a team of 8 officers arrived at 50024 Degas Rd. to obtain a wanted fugitive. It was believed Christopher Norris, 23 of Chesterfield, was inside the home with narcotics, according to a press release supplied by the Chesterfield Township Police Department.

"There had been tips there was narcotic activity going on there," Chesterfield Township Det. Sgt. Deron Myers said. "The investigation was ongoing until then (March 8)."

Upon entering the home officers not only encountered Norris, but four other males and two Pit Bulls. After giving verbal commands to the occupants, a Pit Bull attacked and bit a detective’s left forearm, Myers said.

The detective was eventually able to break free from the dog’s viscous grip, but once the Pit Bull let go of the detective the dog immediately had his eye on another Chesterfield officer. As the Pit Bull began to charge at this officer, he Tased the dog, which had minimal effect, and hit him with a flashlight, according to the release.

Giving up on this officer, the Pit Bull then attempted to attack another detective. This detective fired his handgun at the animal, causing a bullet to strike the dog in his mid-section and kill him, Myers said.

Animal control was eventually controlled, and Myers said the other Pit Bull was not violent during the raid.

Officers were also able to gain control and apprehend all five male suspects as well.

Norris was charged with operating a drug house, possession of marijuana and purchasing a pistol without a license. He was given a $25,000 bond.

Derek Hasty, 21 of Chesterfield, was given a $15,000 bond for possessing a short barreled shotgun/rifle and possession of marijuana.

Robert Moore, 23 of Chesterfield, was transferred to Detroit on an outstanding felony warrant for delivery of ecstasy; he was charged with possession of marijuana after the March 8 events.

Jvon Powers, 19 of Detroit, and Joseph Cosio, 19 of Chesterfield, also received possession of marijuana charges. Powers has a $3,000 bond.

The detective who recieved the bog bite to his forearm was initially treated by his fellow officers. He was then transported to the Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center where he was treated for the wounds. The detective was able to leave the hospital and begin to recover by the early hours of March 9, according to the release.

"He had some pretty substantial wounds," Myers, who saw the detective get stitched up, said.

Myers said although the detective was once a dog handler, the situation shook him up a little bit.

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