Friday, March 18, 2011

Want a friend, Mr. Mayor? Get a dog

By Eric Hartley, Hometown Annapolis

She's not yet as famous as Bo, the Obamas' dog, but Annapolis' first family also has its own new pet.
The Cohens adopted Tula, a boxer-pit bull mix, in January. She's 5 months old.
Mayor Josh Cohen was dubious about the news value of this development.
"Are people's lives so boring that they need to know about my dog?" he asked.
Well, yes. At least we hope so.
Before his election, President Obama promised his daughters they could get a dog if they moved to the White House.
Being mayor of Annapolis doesn't come with a cool new house. But Cohen's two daughters, now 2 and 6, also had been asking for a dog.
Cohen said he and his wife, Lesley, who both have had dogs before, wanted their girls to have the experience.
And so, the mayor joked, "Just when we were starting to get some sanity back into our daily lives," they got a dog.
Tula, adopted from a family in Hagerstown, is "very sweet," Cohen said.
"This is an opportunity to help change the public perception of pit bulls," Cohen added. "Pit bulls are the sweetest, most loyal dogs."
They're only mean when owners make them mean, he said.
As for the name, 6-year-old Naomi came up with it. Her dad said he doesn't know what it means, but Naomi was clear about the spelling: T-U-L-A.
President Harry Truman famously observed, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog."
Between budget battles, fence spats, Market House, losing the Blue Angels and ... well, let's just say the same might apply to being mayor of Annapolis.


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