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Boy, 4, killed in NYC dog attack

From Seattle Post-Intelligencer

A young boy is dead after he was attacked by a dog inside his Brooklyn home.
Police said 4-year-old Jayelin Graham suffered horrifying wounds to his head, neck and torso when he was mauled by a pit bull in his mother's apartment in the borough's Brownsville section. The attack happened at around 9:15 p.m.
Neighbors said they rushed to help after hearing the boy's mother screaming.
Several told reporters the dog was a known menace that terrified everyone on the block
The superintendent in the building told the Daily News that the dog belonged to a man who lived with the boy's mother.

Update May 28, 2011 - The following article is from CBS New York:

4-Year-Old Boy Killed By Family Pit Bull In Brooklyn

A 4-year-old boy is dead after being attacked by his pet pit bull in his family’s Brooklyn apartment.
It happened late Thursday night in the first floor apartment of a building on Pacific Street. Police say the dog bit 4-year-old Jayelin Graham multiple times on his head, neck and stomach.
“The dog was over by the cage, he was outside. There was another dog in the cage. The baby was lying on the floor with his head, like this, like this and the whole neck,” said Shirley Barnes who witnessed the attack.
The boy was rushed to Brookdale Hospital where he later died. Police sedated and removed pit bull after the attack. The also removed a second dog, a German Shepherd, from the home.
Officials say the German Shepherd was not involved in the attack, but was still taken to the headquarters of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals along with the pit bull.
Neighbors say they tried to help the little boy. “We had a gentleman on the block who helped get the child out,” said Stacy Barnes who witnessed attack.
The boy’s two brothers, ages two and five, were not hurt in the attack.
Police say conditions inside the home were not good. They said they found animal feces and urine inside.
Officers arriving at the building encountered a chaotic scene and ended up arresting a handful of people for allegedly trying to incite a riot.
The ASPCA will decide what will be done with the pit bull that mauled the little boy. Police are questioning his mother and say she could face criminal charges.
The superintendent in the building said the dog belonged to a man who lived with the boy’s mother.

Update May 28, 2011 - The following article is from WABC Eyewitness News:

4-year-old mauled by family dog

Police are investigating a deadly dog attack in Brooklyn.

Officers say a four-year old was attacked inside his family's apartment in Weeksville last night by the family dog.
The dog, a Cane Corso, bit Jayelin Graham several times on his head, neck and torso.
He died at brookdale hospital a short time later.
Police removed the dog, and another dog, from the home.
There is no word on the fate of the dogs.

Update May 28, 2011 - The following article is by Kevin Sheehan, Doug Auer and Candice M. Giove, New York Post:

Dad bragged about dog that killed kid

Dog maul dad Damien "Dread" Jones trained the killer canines who left his 4-year-old a lifeless bleeding rag doll — and bragged to neighbors about his "monster dogs."
"He would hang stuff on trees or the school yard fence – stuffed animals or footballs – just so his dogs could rip the stuff up," said Robin Parkinson, 56. "It was an accident waiting to happen."
Jayelin Graham died last night in a Brooklyn house of horror after one of the brutal beasts tore out his throat, police said.
The dangerous dogs – including a Pit Bull, a Husky mix and the Cain Corso mix that attacked Jayelin – panicked residents as they roamed Pacific Street.
"I asked him what kind of dogs are those?" Parkinson recalled."Monster dogs," the master replied.
"He could clear the block with them dogs," she said. "He used to punch them in the heads, kick them in the ribs, brutal."
Inside the fetid zoo of an apartment blood smeared from the living room to a bedroom. A putrid smell permeated the place and flies hovered over dog feces in every room. A giant parrot cage rose four feet high in the center of the living room. Motorcycle wheels were stacked in the kitchen.
A rectangular shape was all that remained of where dog cages had been kept – and a metal training collar rested on the blood-drenched floor.
When the massive mauler sunk sharp incisors into the boy’s neck, his mother Sequina "Honey" Jubeark let out earsplitting screams.
A next door neighbor, who identified himself only as "Jah" said he shattered the window and tried to rescue the helpless four year-old.
"You could tell by the blood that he dragged the kid from the bedroom into the living room," he said.
"I screamed move and the dog dropped the kid and went into a defensive position," he added. "He was staring at me."
"The baby was dead," he said. "The blood was down all around the abdomen."
Jah, and two others, wanted to kill the 100-pound killer canine, but then EMS arrived, he said.
"I told them you got to call backup. That dog is trained to kill," he recalled.
It took the strength of ten firemen to subdue the vicious dog, he said.
Police made about a half dozen arrests at the scene after getting into scuffles with residents, sources said.
Authorities also took in the tot’s 24-year-old mother in for questioning– but it’s unlikely that she’ll face charges, sources said.
The dogs were turned over to Animal Care and Control. The agency is holding the biting beast at their upper Manhattan center for a ten day quarantine, the agency said
Meanwhile, neighbors said the baby’s father, who belongs to a motorcycle club, pealed off on his cowhide-covered hog at 11 p.m.
The couple had two other children in the house, ages 5 and 2.
They turned their apartment into a nightmarish managerie, which included the hounds, a parrot and a fish tank, sources said.
The baby’s great grandfather Ameer Jamaal-Uddin, 59, visited the tragic scene today, saying he worried about the other two children.
"What a horrible way to die," he said.
"I didn’t particularly appreciate the dogs," the great grandfather added.
"They were viscious animals."

Update May 28, 2011 - The following article is by

Dog Mauls 4-Year-Old Boy To Death

Child Services Launches Investigation

"It was a zoo in there it smelled worse than the Bronx zoo," said the D'Neshah Graham, the aunt of 4 year old Jayelin Graham, who died after the family dog attacked him.

"Nobody, especially a child should be allowed in that house."

The deadly attack happened inside the family home on Pacific Avenue in Brooklyn. Police say they got a call about a dog bite. When they arrived on the scene, a bloody and semi conscious 4 year old was being taken from the home.

Neighbors called the dogs inside the house vicious and dangerous. The boy's mother, 24 year old Sequina Jubeark, had three dogs inside the house including a German Sheperd, Pit Bull Mix and the 100 pound Cane Corso mix that attacked and killed little Jayelin.

"They were wild animals," said a neighbor.

The Administration for Child Services has a launched an investigation into the boy's death. The boy was taken to Brookdale hospital last night, where he died. Jayelin's father, who did not live at the house, visited the apartment late last night. His sister, Graham and his mother came to the house today and said they called social services on Jurbeark before but nothing was done. Everytime Jayelin went back to the house, he used to scream because he was scared of the dogs, they said.

But Graham said on top of it, his mother used to leave Jayelin and her two other children in the house alone. And last night, according to witnesses, the mother was outside of the apartment when the attacked


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  2. Only pit bull bites?
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  3. Only pit bull bites?
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