Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Deputies Defend Shooting And Killing Dog

By Cris Ornelas, ABC 23

Dog's Owner Says She Understands It Was A Split-Second Decision

Deputies in Taft are defending a deputy's decision to shoot and kill a dog. They say that dog had attacked that deputy who was chasing a suspect.
It all started Tuesday afternoon when Taft police went looking for a probation suspect. When people ran from the home, Taft police radioed to county deputies for backup. By the time it was over a dog lay dead and a deputy was sent to the hospital.
The 2-year-old dog named Bear died after being shot by a Kern County deputy at a house in Taft. Police were at the home looking for a fugitive. But two people police were not looking for panicked and ran. When Kern County deputies arrived to help, one deputy went around the side of the house to secure the back yard past where Bear was chained up.
"The officer that came for back up went there startled bear. Bear being a dog and startled, attacked, lunged for the officer," said the dog’s owner Kim Frayseth.
"The deputy was in the back yard or headed to the back yard when the pit bull mix attacked him," said Kern County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Martin Downs.
Deputies say at one point the dog was latched on and was literally dangling from the deputy’s armpit.
"The dog is actually across the deputy's service weapon… he was able to free his gun up and fire twice into the dog and put it down," Downs said.
The dog’s owner says Bear is not vicious and is not a pit bull. She says he is a lab mixed with bull mastiff.
"I am upset that my dog was an innocent victim in this. You know, its heartbreaking He was my second son," Frayseth said.
The deputy was taken to the hospital, where he was treated and released. Frayseth says she is sorry the deputy was hurt and understands he made a split-second decision to shoot."I don’t blame the officer for shooting the dog. Like I said, both of them are startled," Frayseth said.
The deputy did not need stitches for the 8-inch long laceration he suffered. He is expected to be back on duty in a couple of days.
The dog’s owner will not face charges for the incident.

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