Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dog shot through kitchen window

From CBC News

A man from western P.E.I. is due back in court Wednesday on charges of shooting his neighbour's dog.
Joseph Benjamin Muncey Clements is facing a number of charges after the dog next door was shot through a closed window Monday.
Dana Callaghan told CBC News Wednesday her family dog Cujo, a two-year-old pit bull mix, wasn't causing any problems. He was in the house most of the time, or on a chain by the front porch.
Callaghan said Clements was frightened of dogs, and had asked the family to get rid of Cujo. The day the dog was shot her husband felt something was wrong.
"When they were getting ready to leave my [four-year-old] son said, 'We should take the dog with us, Daddy.' And anyway, they ended up leaving. They didn't take the dog. They left him in the kitchen where they thought he would be safe," Callaghan said.
"When they came back he was dead on the floor."
Callaghan said the dog had never had any contact with Clements.
"He read something on the internet, and he was saying how dangerous [pit bulls] could be, but how nice they could also be," said Callaghan.
Clements was in court Tuesday, and asked for more time to find a lawyer.

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