Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Felon Arrested for Pit Bull Fighting

By Britni Day, NBC Chicago

A Chicago man has been arrested and charged for the second time in connection with pit bull fighting

A Chicago man was arrested and charged Tuesday in connection with pit bull fighting and breeding. 
Larue Jackson, 52, of the 7100 block of South Oakley was charged with 12 counts of neglect of owner's duties and two counts of cruel treatment, the Cook County Sheriff's Office said.
Cook County Sheriff's Police Animal Crimes Unit began investigating Jackson when a tip came in that he regularly held dogfights in the basement of his home. The person also claimed Jackson owned pit bulls in need of veterinary care.
After surveying Jackson and gathering information, the Animal Crimes Unit and Special Operations Unit executed a search warrant of Jackson's home. Authorities found 10 pit bulls in Jackson's basement living in unsanitary conditions. The dogs were housed in wire cages with no food or water. Authorities also found two more pit bulls in Jackson's garage.
Many of the dogs had scars on their faces, chests and legs, suggesting the dogs had been fighting. One pit bull had fresh fighting wounds on its face. All of the dogs are being cared for at Chicago Animal Care and Control.
Jackson was arrested and pleaded guilty to animal crimes in June 2008 after authorities recovered 32 dogs. He is also a registered sex offender, convicted felon and has a long criminal history.
Jackson is due in court on June 27.


  1. He should die for this he doesn't deserve to breathe air.

  2. Please tell me the man is banned from "owning" any more animals!


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