Monday, May 16, 2011

Loose pit bull attacks LaPorte County deputy's car

By Stan Maddux, South Bend Tribune

A pit bull has been euthanized after terrorizing a Fish Lake neighborhood and biting into a LaPorte County Sheriff's Office squad car.

"After discussing the situation and the dog they were fully prepared to send the dog over to us," said Jane Bernard, director of LaPorte County Animal Control.
Just after 8 a.m. Saturday, Deputy Slawek Czupryna responded to the 800 block of North Longshore Drive on complaints about a pit bull running loose.

The dog named "Baby Girl" charged at the patrol vehicle and would not let the officer get out of the squad car.

The dog, described by the officer as "very vicious," began chewing on the plastic front right bumper of the police car, leaving bite marks.

Czupryna said he was about to drive away when the pit bull attacked another dog on a leash.

The owner of that dog was able to get her pet inside before it was injured, police said.

According to police, one man in the neighborhood was outside holding a .22 caliber rifle intent on shooting the pit bull when the officer pulled up.

All of the residents who talked to the officer told him they felt "their lives were in danger" due to constant problems with the dog running loose unsupervised, police said.

Mark Mrozek, the owner of the pit bull, was able to regain control of his dog and after talking with police and animal control he turned the dog over to be euthanized, said Bernard.

Mrozek was cited for allowing the animal to run loose.

He's also been cited and had other dogs impounded for allowing them to run loose since 1998, Bernard said.

Baby Girl has drawn a response from police and animal control on more than one prior occasion.

''This dog is not new to us,'' Bernard said.

The pit bull was taken to the LaPorte County Small Animal Shelter and immediately euthanized.

Bernard said permission from Mrozek had to be obtained to put down the animal so quickly.

Had he not cooperated, though, Bernard said permission from the court would have been sought to eventually put the animal to sleep.

"The dog is dangerous and does not need to be back out in the community," Bernard said.

Over the years, Mrozek has had his dogs inside a fence or on a leash but they managed to break free and roam the neighborhood.

"It's been an ongoing problem for many, many years," Bernard said.

Czupryna told Mrozek he could be held liable for repairs to the damaged squad car.

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