Friday, May 27, 2011

Man & dog attacked by pit bull in SW Portland

By Justin Burton, KGW News

The search is on for a pit bull that attacked a man and his dog in Southwest Portland.
C.C. Jones and his dog "Lady" were on their way home from their daily walk at around SW St. Clair Ave. & Park Pl. when they were attacked at around 3 p.m.  Jones said the pit bull charged toward them -- biting him in the stomach, and biting Lady on the leg, crushing it.
"The only thing I had time to do was to lift my dog up by the leash and harness and try to hold her out of harm's way," Jones said.  "That wasn't good enough, unfortunately."

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Jones wasn't seriously injured, but he took Lady to DoveLewis Animal Hospital.  He said he's on a fixed income and isn't sure how he'll pay for the the medical bills -- which could be as much as $3,700.
Jones is concerned that the dog could harm other people -- including children -- and pets in the area.  Animal Control was called to the scene and couldn't find the pit bull.



  1. i noticed my pit bull seems more aggressive towards small dogs. any insight as to why and what could be done?

  2. Foremost, Pit Bulls are terriers ( ).
    With ongoing training, the tolerance for other dogs can be modified.
    Whether or not you train your dog, responsible handling is key. Even a trained dog can revert at any given moment, so your dog should always be leashed and supervised when interacting with other dogs ( ).
    Pit Bull-type dogs make great companions - I love mine! - for the person that is willing to go the extra yard to keep their dogs safe and under control. For those that don't, the results are similar to what is written in the above article.


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