Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nicolet High School students rally around staff member with missing dog

By Myra Sanchick, WITI

The dogs name Rah means protecter in Swahili

Students at Nicolet High School is rallying around one of their own. A woman who has been a big influence to them is now getting support in her time of need.
Thousands upon thousands of Nicolet High School students came, and went under the watchful eye of a woman they know as Miss Sheila. When students and faculty learned Sheila Felder's family pit bull Rah went missing from her yard, they were concerned.
Unfortunately, its not uncommon for someone to take a pit bull when breeding and fighting dogs. Rah was a living link to Miss Sheila's husband. The dog's picture is on back of his funeral obituary.
He was walking Rah when he had a massive heart near his home near 15th and Friebrantz. Rah would not leave his owner's side. Felder said, "My son in law found my husband's body, and we had to put Rah in the car before anyone could tend to him.".
The name Rah means great protector in Swahili. There is a reward for the safe return of Rah. If you have any information you can send tips to


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