Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Police: Man puts puppy in hot oven as revenge

By Kristi E. Swartz, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A 20-month old puppy is recovering after being put in a hot oven as an act of revenge, Channel 2 Action News is reporting.
Melody, a pit bull mix, is at the Cobb Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Marietta after being burned from head to toe.
Gary Moore Jr., 24, now faces a felony animal cruelty charge. He is accused of putting Melody in a hot oven as an act of revenge against another man.
Dr. Susan Engeran, who is working around the clock to give Melody a new chance at life, is giving the puppy a constant drip of pain killers and antibiotics. The injuries are so serious that Melody whimpers and whines constantly.
“She’s been treated very aggressively,” Engeran told Channel 2. “She was very lethargic… and dehydrated.”
Engeran expects Melody to make it, but it is unknown how the burns on her paws will heal.
Meanwhile, the puppy has become the star of the clinic.
“The news spread and people are coming by to see. We all feel for her very much,” Engeran told Channel 2.
The clinic said Melody will not be put up for adoption. They will select a special foster home to deal with the puppy's medical needs.
Police believe Melody became the victim of a nasty domestic dispute. Authorities said a Good Samaritan brought the puppy to the clinic after failing to convince Moore to get treatment for Melody.
Neighbor Nerys Machuca told Channel 2 that he heard the puppy make noise in the middle of the night, and knocked on Moore’s door, but he wouldn’t open it. He was saddened to hear what happened.
“Animals deserve respect just like we do,” Machuca said.
According to jail records, Moore was still being held at the Cobb County jail.

Update June 23, 2011 - The following article is from WSB:

Puppy Put In Hot Oven As Revenge Recovering Smoothly

After miraculously surviving being stuffed in a burning oven, Melody, a 20-month-old pit bull mix puppy, is recovering smoothly.
Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt paid Melody a visit and said besides the booties and scars, Melody almost looks like a normal, happy puppy.Her previous owner, Gary Moore Jr., 25, of Cobb County, was charged with felony animal cruelty under a new statute.Moore appeared in court and asked that his bond be reduced so he could be released from jail.
Detective Steve Nolan testified in court that Moore confessed to putting Melody in a hot oven, saying the puppy had reminded him of an estranged boyfriend.
“Their relationship was not going forward and at that point he grabbed the dog, placed it in the oven, closed the door and held the oven door shut for a period of a few seconds,” the detective said in court.Moore told the detective he released Melody when she began howling, but did not seek medical treatment for her. His roommate took her in four days later.A judge granted Moore a lower bond under the condition that he move in with his mother, and not live near any animals.Melody’s recovery, in the meantime, is considered nothing short of a canine miracle.

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