Thursday, May 19, 2011

Police: Woman Refuses To Surrender Dog After Attack


Pit Bull Dog Attacks Passer-By, Police Say

An Oklahoma City woman refused to surrender her pit bull dog after it bit a passer-by, police said.
The dog attack happened on May 10 just before 8 a.m. in the 600 block of 6th Street, according to the police report released on Thursday.
A man said he was walking down the street when a pit-bull dog came from the side of a home in the area and bit him on his arm, police said. The man was also bit on his leg when he attempted to fend off the animal.
The owner, 45-year-old Rebecca Sue Gray, emerged from her home and stopped the attack, according to the police report.
Gray told police the dog had broken its chain that was used to keep the dog in the back of the home.
An officer went to the hospital to check on the man’s injuries, the report said, but had to return to the scene when animal control officers said the woman refused to surrender her dog.
Gray told police that her son had left with the dog and it was no longer at the home.
Animal control officers told police they had five city charges against Gray and asked police to arrest her.
Police said they could not reach the son for questioning. The dog has not been located.Gray was arrested on charges of failure to confine the dog for rabies observation, failure to vaccinate dog for rabies, failure to confine a dog to owner’s property and failure to secure rabies tags.

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