Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Woman Could Be Charged After Shooting, Killing Vicious Dog

By Ian Silver, FOX 23 News

An East Tulsa woman could face charges of animal cruelty after she shot and killed a pit bull in her yard. Pam McConnell says she tried to get help from Tulsa Animal Welfare before killing the dog, but says the agency wouldn't help.

McConnell says the pit bull somehow managed to get trapped in the chimney of her home on Mothers Day weekend. She says her fiance tore into the chimney to free the dog, but as soon as it was free it took off after a cat and viciously attacked it. After McConnell's son and fiance used a baseball bat and rope to separate the dog from the severely injured cat and got it tied up, she called Tulsa Animal Welfare.

McConnell says the dispatcher told her he couldn't send an animal control officer out unless a police officer came first and said the animal control officer was needed. She says an officer came out and called for an animal control officer, but again Animal Welfare refused to send an officer, saying the pit bull did not appear to meet the requirements of being a vicious or dangerous dog.

Throughout the day McConnell says the pit bull became increasingly aggressive, growling and snarling at her and her family. Eventually she says she told her son to just let the dog go, but when the dog remained in the yard and continued being aggressive she says she went in and got a gun.

After shooting and killing the dog, police and animal control officers finally responded. McConnell says police were angry with her for firing a gun inside Tulsa city limits, and Animal Welfare began an investigation of animal cruelty.

McConnell says she was simply protecting her family, and that had Animal Welfare come to help her she never would have had to shoot the dog.

Fox23 News will have more on this story on Fox23 News at 5:30, and on Fox23.com later today.

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