Monday, June 6, 2011

3 Abandoned Dogs Taken From 9th Ward Home


Facebook Video Showed Animals' Conditions

Three dogs were taken from a house in the Ninth Ward on Monday by the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals after complaints that the animals were neglected and possibly abused.
The pit bull mixes were living in cages behind the home on Tennessee Street.
"They look healthy, but there is evidence of scarring," said Katherine LeBlanc with the LASPCA.
The LASPCA said they got the first complaint Friday. That's when the owner was given a notice to call.
"We posted 24 hours, and we saw the dogs were not in imminent danger. They had food and water," LeBlanc said.
When the owner didn't respond, the SPCA took action.
"After 24 hours, (we had) no information or contact from owner, so we impounded the animals," LeBlanc said.
In addition to the SPCA getting involved, someone posted video of the dogs on Facebook. That video showed the dogs in cages, some chained up, with scars on their faces. The conditions were dirty, several kennels were broken and the dogs were found living in feces.
Now the dogs are being treated by veterinarians. Some had high body temperatures, but doctors said overall, the dogs are OK and have good personalities.
"All animals need fresh food and water. They must be with shelter and up to date on shots. If not, we can charge them with cruelty to animals," LeBlanc said.

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