Monday, June 13, 2011

Dead pit bull, 2 other dogs seized from Rock Hill home

By Nicole Smith, The Herald

York County Animal Control seized a dead pit bull and two other dogs from a Rock Hill home Sunday after a caller reported they were in distress.
Animal control officials and Rock Hill police received a call about about 5 p.m. saying a dog in the backyard of the Curtis Street residence did not have any shade, food or water, according to a Rock Hill police report. Another call said the dog appeared to be dying.
At the residence, officers found a dead pit bull, the report states. Two other dogs — a Shepherd mix and chow mix — appeared to be in distress. The backyard had a severe lack of shade. No food or water was found.
The Shepherd mix was "deathly skinny" due to lack of food, the report states.
Officers obtained a search warrant for the residence, and animal control has taken the dogs, according to the report. No one was arrested at the time of the report.
In an unrelated animal neglect case, a Rock Hill man was issued a citation for cruelty to animals after police found open lesions on his dog's back Sunday.
Officers arrived at a Westerwood Drive address in reference to an abused dog about 7 p.m., according to the report. The dog, a female brown boxer, was in the back yard of the residence and had open lesions on her back that appeared to be infected.
The 35-year-old Rock Hill man said on Friday he had given the dog a bath, and she was must have been allergic to the soap he used, the report states. He did say he made an appointment with the veterinarian for Monday.

Update June 21, 2011 - The following article is from San Antonio Express-News:

Rock Hill couple facing animal cruelty charges

A Rock Hill couple has been arrested in connection with a dead pit bull and three other dogs seized by York County animal control officials.
The Herald of Rock Hill reports Tuesday that 32-year-old Artavian Jerome Smith and 29-year-old Ashley Renee Smith were arrested Monday and charged with animal cruelty.
Police say someone called animal control June 12 to say dogs in the couple's backyard had no shade, food or water. Officers found one dead pit bill at the home. Animal control seized two other dogs that appeared to be in distress.
A family friend told officers that residents were on vacation and had left the animals in care of a relative.
It wasn't immediately clear if the Smiths had attorneys.

Update June 21, 2011 - The following article is by Trent Faris, WBTV:

Couple returns from Disney vacation to face cruelty charges after leaving dogs in heat

A Rock Hill couple came home from the happiest place on earth to possibly the unhappiest place.. jail, after Rock Hill police arrested them on Animal abuse charges.
Authorities say Artavian and Ashley Smith left their four dogs without food and water while they were on a Disney vacation. One of those dogs died, so the Smiths are now facing animal cruelty charges.
A neighbor alerted police the Smiths' dogs were in the backyard of their Curtis Street home and appeared to be in distress.
Officers arrived too late for a pit bull, it had already passed away, but did confiscate the other three dogs. Reports described them as 'deathly skinny'.
It’s a scene Steve Stuber at York County animal control sees all too often this time of year.
“This time of year when the temperatures reach above 90 degrees we see an increase in calls of 15 to 20 percent,” said Stuber. Most calls are from concerned citizens that may think an animal is being left to cook out in the sun.
“Water is very important, Dogs can get dehydrated just like we do,” said Stuber.
Stuber says dogs need to regulate their body temperature, and wearing a fur coat in this heat can make that a difficult task. A panting dog is a sweating dog, and dogs can get sunburned too.
Also, Stuber says if you have to keep your dog on a tether make sure the leash won’t get tangled
“Situations where they can wrap themselves around something or rather and get themselves in a position where they can’t get to water,” said Stuber.
That’s what happened in the animal abuse case.  Officers say the dogs leash was tangled around a bicycle and the pit-bull was just feet from getting to its water dish. Those who mistreat animals this way can face some hefty penalties, of large fines or jail time.
“We try to educate the public first and if that doesn’t work we’ll go a little bit further,” said Stuber.
York County Animal Control also doesn’t recommend leaving your dog or cat in a car, even for a short period of time. The inside of a car can reach 120 degrees and an animal can die of heat stroke in the matter of minutes.

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  1. This couple was cleared of all charges this was a tragic accident not an intentional act of cruelty please remove all posts and pictures related to this


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