Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dog attacked by pit bull waits for his family to find him

By Alison Hill, WBTV

A dog attacked by a pit bull Sunday night is waiting patiently at the Cleveland County Animal Shelter, unable to let staff know if there's a family out there looking for him.
The golden retriever mix was picked up on June 12 after a woman on Linwood Road called animal control, officials said.
Rick Geer, Animal Control Supervisor with the Cleveland County Animal Shelter, confirmed a woman on Linwood Road told officers she and her fiance helped fight off a pit bull that was attacking the dog.
The dog had reportedly shown up in the woman's neighborhood a week prior to the attack.  The pit bull had gotten loose from a neighbors yard.
Geer told WBTV that the dog is scheduled to be checked out by a local veterinarian on Wednesday afternoon.  On first examination, Geer said, the large dog is limping and the only visible wound is on his rear, right paw.
According to Geer, the dog appears to be an inside dog and is very friendly and well-natured.
But unfortunately, without a collar or a registered microchip, the dog's owner - if there is one - cannot be contacted.
"The shelter has about 64 kennels for dogs, and we are currently 90% full," said Geer.  And this is the time of year that the shelter remains full.
By law, the shelter is require to hold the dog for 72 hours so owners have a chance to locate their animal.  If the owner has not come forward after the 72 hours, it will be up to Greer to decided if the dog is adoptable. And all indications point towards this dog finding a good home one way or the other.
"The dog will most likely be turned over to a golden retriever rescue group with the help of the Humane Society," Geer added.
Sam Rockridge, Coordinator of Health Services for Cleveland County, said as happy as he is that this dog is receiving so much publicity, he reminds the public that there are thousands of other dogs and cats in shelters waiting for their forever home.
For more information in the big red dog, contact the Cleveland County Humane Society at 704-487-4041.
As for the owners of the pit bull that attacked the dog, Geer said he believes they received a warning citation.

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