Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dog Nearly Blinded After Neighbor Shoots Her With Paintballs

By Jonathan Mena, Bushwick BK

'In Switzerland, dogs are trained not to bark,' says shooter

An angry neighbor nearly blinded a couple’s dog after shooting up their yard with a paintball gun.
“I heard the tat-tat-tat-tat and then my dogs started crying,” said Pete Wojcik about the Wednesday morning attack on his two pitbulls, Baby and Birdy. The pitbulls were playing in Wojcik’s Himrod St. backyard when Daniel Lacin, 26, who lives three buildings away, climbed on his roof and started pelting the dogs with paintballs.
“I yelled out who is the fucking pussy shooting my dogs,” said Wojcik who actually saw Lacin on the roof with the paintball gun. The dog owner believes Lacin walked over the roofs of the three adjacent buildings to stand above the dogs to get a better shot.
Baby, who is only 1 year old, took the worst of the assault when a paintball hit her in the face, swelling her eye shut. “The vet said if the paintball would have hit her eye she would have lost the eye,” Wojcik said. Both dogs suffered welts and cuts from the attack but are expected to recover.
Lacin, whose lawyer told the NY Post that he was a dog lover, told Wojcik, “Tell your dogs to shut the fuck up. Your dog is not dead. What are you worried about?” He added that in Switzerland, “dogs are trained not to bark.”
According to Wojcik, Lacin confronted the dog owner on the street telling him, “I don’t start fights, I finish them,” before hightailing it back to his apartment. Neighbors who spoke with BushwickBK said the dogs were playful and never aggressive.
Lacin was charged with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, weapons possession and injuring and torturing animals. He was released without bail and is expected back to court at the end of the month.

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