Thursday, June 16, 2011

Emaciated dog thrown out with trash

By Jennifer Matarese, WABC

A severely emaciated dog was thrown out with the trash in New York City.
When an Animal Care & Control staffer arrived on May 26th, the dog's condition was so bad that she couldn't walk and could barely raise her head.
She was found behind a dumpster in the Bronx off Bruckner Boulevard.
The Animal Control Officer rushed her to an Animal Care and Control of NYC shelter and named the pit bull mix, Ella.
The AC&C medical team provided Ella the care needed to save her life.
"It is so tragic and unthinkable that someone could do this to another living creature," explains Julie Bank, executive director of AC&C. "If an individual cannot take care of their pet for whatever reason, we ask that they bring them to the shelter rather than abandon them."
After receiving the emergency care she needed, Ella has been resting comfortably at an AC&C foster home.
Her recovery was made possible by the donations to the Special Treatment and Recovery Program (STAR).
Ella should be available for adoption in about three weeks after she gains some more weight.
If anyone is interested in adopting her please send an email of interest to
If you would like to donate to the STAR Program which provides care to animals in need of medical care or are interested in joining their fostering team please visit their website at

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  1. To err is human to forgive is canine. God speed Ella.


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