Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Family Asks For Public's Help After 7-year-old Mauled By Pitbull

By Brandi Hitt, KTLA

A 7-year-old girl is recovering after she was mauled by a neighbor's pitbull and now her family is asking the public for help.

Shay Sisson and her sister Kilee walked over to their neighbor's house to share some of their Easter candy on April 25 and that's when family members say the neighbor's pitbull attacked Shay.

The dog had somehow become loose and for some reason attacked the little girl, leaving her face torn up and disfigured.

Shay was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery.

Dr. Michael Fealy -- Shay's doctor -- says "When a pitbull is involved -- the bites are worse. When they bite… they bite and lock… and they don't let go… they bite lock and they rip… and they don't let go."

After weeks of recovery, Shay's scars are still healing and her medical bills are piling up.

Her family says some surgeries that she'll need down the road are not covered by insurance because they're considered "cosmetic."

If you're interested in helping Shay and her family, email Brandi Hitt at:


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