Saturday, June 25, 2011

Family says rare puppy was stolen

By Meg McNamara, KLEW

Why would anyone take a puppy that didn't belong to them? That's the question a Lewiston family is asking.

Jayare Gallegos and Linda Baker said their valuable pit bull puppy was stolen on Monday. They said Tundra is rare because she's white with blue eyes.

The puppy and the family's two Jack Russel Terriers got out through a gate that had been accidentally left open.

A family friend said they saw two women in a red Ford Windstar minivan pull over in front of their house and take Tundra, leaving the other two dogs behind. And that, according to Lewiston Police Captain Tom Greene, is what makes it a theft.

Greene said stolen puppies are a very rare occurrence in town.

12-year-old Hannah's worst fear is that someone may be mistreating her puppy.

"We don't want that because if people are gonna treat her badly then she's gonna treat other people badly," said Helm.

"I miss her being with this family," said Helm.

"Whoever has our dog, please return her," said Gallegos. "She belongs to our family and she should be at home with her family."

"There's four kids that miss her and two more dogs that are a little confused right now," said Baker.

If you have any information about this reported theft, you can contact Lewiston Police.

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