Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kewanee dog starved to death, search continues for person responsible

By Kristi Mergenthal, WQAD

For the second time in nearly a year and a half there is a case of animal abuse in Henry county. This time in Kewanee, where four days ago a pitbull puppy was found dehydrated and starved.

Kewanee dog starved to death, search continues for person responsibleThe pictures are heartbreaking. Weighing only six pounds three ounces, the frail puppy can barely stand, her ribs and back bone exposed.

"I was horrified, I just couldn't believe something like this would happen and in our area," said John Wangelin, a volunteer with the Kewanee animal shelter.

Affectionately named Twiggy, the ten to sixteen week old pitbull puppy was recently found dehydrated and nearly starved to death.

"There wasn't much life to her, she was pretty beat down as far as her temperament," said Wangelin who went on to say, "The vet told me she should have been fifteen pounds at least."

Twiggy was actually found cowering under some bushes on her prospect street. The two boys who were riding their bikes at the time went home and told their Mom who brought Twiggy to the vet.

"When animal control was called in the humane society was called in to step in and help take care of this."

Twiggy died Saturday after only gaining back an ounce of weight. Mourning her loss, Kewanee animal shelter volunteer John Wangelin is now on a mission to find who dumped the innocent dog.

"I'm just hoping someone comes forward maybe knows where this puppy came from or possibly even seen it somewhere," said Wangelin.

Already money strapped the animal shelter is now left with the days of Twiggy's vet bills. They are hopeful someone who knows something will give them the answers they need.

"We were really hoping for a success story, we were hoping we would be able to come back and tell the public we've got this little puppy and able to bring her back to health but she was too far gone when we got her," said Wangelin.

If you know anything about who may have dumped Twiggy you are asked to call the Kewanee animal shelter at 1-309-852-0040 or the Kewanee police at 1-309-853-1911.

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  1. I cant think of doing that to such a cute but small dog she had the right to live 


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