Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mahopac woman faces animal-cruelty charge after dog found with embedded collar

From The Journal News

A town woman faces a misdemeanor animal-cruelty charge after an animal-control officer found her male pit bull dog roaming in town with a collar from an "invisible fence" embedded in its neck.
The dog owner, Lynne C. Schiller-Petti, 49, of 612 Route 6N, was charged Wednesday with animal cruelty and will have to appear at Carmel Town Court at later date.
The way in which the collar was embedded caused investigators to theorize that the collar was on the dog so long that his neck may have grown around it, an obvious case of cruelty, Putnam County SPCA Chief Ken Ross said
Carmel Animal Control Officer Krickett Dyckman found the dog roaming in the area of Route 6N on Tuesday night and took it to the Mahopac Animal Hospital after seeing the collar, which is used to give electric shocks to the dog when it leaves its property, deeply embedded in the dog's neck.
A veterinarian removed the collar, which had a PetSafe logo on it, and found three infected wounds that extended deep into the dog's neck. The three wounds matched the three electric prongs on the collar.
The dog, named Zeus, was seized by officers with the Putnam County SPCA and is being treated with antibiotics, Ross said today. It will remain for now in the custody of the SPCA.


  1. I live in a nearby community to where this happened and am beyond disgusted by this horrible woman.  What is more upsetting is that her family members and neighbors just turned their backs on her abuse and neglect of this dog.  Had that collar not been functioning, allowing him to wander, he would have died a torturous death.
    She has connections and will probably get some lawyer-friend to plea bargain on her behalf although there is no excuse for what she's done to this animal.

    Any of these Michael Vick wanna-be's need to be put on a nationwide blacklist which prevents them from ever owning any type of animal.

    We all need to stop punishing the breed and regulating ownership of these dogs.

  2. I believe that the ownership of ANY dog should be regulated.
    This owner should not be allowed to own any dog.
    Or cat.
    Or ...

  3. i am a strong beleiver that lynn is a crazy nut. she is to old and to ugly of a women to ever own an animal.. she is an animal herself.. a selfish old, wrinkel, pug with a bad disease. and her  herself should be put down for doing this action.. her man is just as much to blame


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