Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pageant fundraiser held for 5 yr. old dog attack victim

By Bob Hallmark, KLTV

An different kind of fundraiser was held at the Longview Community Center--a beauty pageant.  Several little girls got dressed up to help 5-year-old Rylee Tolleson of Longview with medical bills. Rylee is recovering from a pit bull attack.
"I think its a blessing," said Kimberly Tolleson, Rylee's mother. "I think its just a wonderful thing they're doing for us."
Rylee was attacked and bitten in the face by a pit-bull in January. Since then, her parents have done all they can to get her cosmetic surgery to take her physical scars away.
"It's very expensive , its also very painful," said Kimberly. "She's just now to the point where we've told her, enough, that she's beautiful, there was a time when she thought she was ugly."
The goal is to give Rylee an opportunity to be in her own beauty pageant, some day.
"She made a comment to me that she wanted to be a beauty queen, but she felt like she wasn't going to have the opportunity because of her face," said Kimberly.
"We wanted to crown her as a lifetime beauty queen and let her know that there's more that just beauty on the outside," said Stacy Freeman, who organized the pageant.
"I'm so appreciative , I can't say thank you enough," said Kimberly.
Rylee will have to have multiple surgeries to remove her scars.

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