Friday, June 17, 2011

Police kill pit bull after it attacks Osceola man

By Erica Morrison, WSBT

A 130-pound pit bull was shot to death Thursday night after attacking and severely injuring its owner.

St. Joseph County police were called to the scene in the 1000 block of West Rogers Street about 10:44 p.m. to assist Osceola officers who were on the scene for a vicious dog, police spokesman Sgt. William Redman said.

The dog was killed at the request of its owner, who suffered two broken arms and severe flesh wounds in the attack, Redman said. The man told police he was sitting on the sofa when the dog escaped its cage and came charging toward him.

The owner reportedly lifted his left arm trying to block the dog, but the pit bull continued to lunge at the man, chomping and breaking his arm and trying to rip it off, the man told police.

The victim ran outside to flee from the dog, but the dog followed him into the fenced-in backyard, where he bit and broke the right arm, too, police said.

Once police arrived at the scene, the owner urged them to kill the dog to prevent anyone else from getting mauled, police said.

The man told police Thursday night's incident was the second time in four months his dog had attacked him and broken his arm.

Police waited for animal control officers to arrive. The dog then "began to go crazy," exhibiting very aggressive behavior, and officials decided it was best to put the dog down, according to the report.

A St. Joseph County police officer shot the dog with a rifle, but it continued to acting erratically, running in circles and biting its own leg. The officer fired again and killed the dog, the report said.

Animal control took the dog to run tests for illnesses.

In the report, the responding officer said the owner's arms were "shredded" and both were visibly broken above the wrist with a large amount of tissue missing.

The victim was taken to Elkhart General Hospital for treatment. He was discharged Friday.

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