Friday, June 3, 2011

Pontotoc County officials talk vicious dogs

By Susan Parker, WTVA

The cries for help from the people have been heard.
That's the word from Pontotoc County Supervisors who are on the verge of passing a vicious dogs ordinance.
This action follows the fatal attack of a man by three pit bulls in January.
Pontotoc County Supervisor Duane Tutor was just down the road when the attack occurred.
"Oh! It was very disturbing because he lived less than a half a mile from where we're sitting right now and it was disturbing for someone to be mauled to death by three pit bulls," Tutor said.
This incident led Pontotoc County Supervisors to pursue a vicious dogs ordinance.
"It was a very sad situation and we just want to try to get something in place where it won't happen again," District 1 Supervisor Wayne Stokes said.
"We had a lot of the public that indicated that's something they would like to have done is a vicious dogs ordinance," Tutor said.
"Some dogs will attack people and then they have to go to the hospital so, I think they should be put up in cages and not loose or around," Pontotoc County resident Jonathan Sparks said.
"I think they should be put up in cages because some people get killed by dogs," Pontotoc County resident Syrena Sisk said.
"I believe when the general public's safety is in question, we should do what's best for all and vicious dogs being out and about is dangerous for children and adults," Pontotoc County resident Brett Walker said.
"We'll have a system to go by to identify a very difficult dog to be around people to a dog that is aggressive. That's what we are looking at. We're not picking on any breed of animal," District 4 Supervisor Ernie Wright said.
"We took several (ordinances) from different counties, different municipalities and looked at all of them and tried to come up with something that will be great or good for Pontotoc County as a whole," Stokes said.
Supervisors meet again Monday to discuss any changes to be made.
The vote could be held in mid-June to be followed by a public hearing.
Other Supervisors we spoke to include Dennis Corder who says they are acting on this situation and trying to make the right move to make sure what they do is correct.
Supervisor Dwyane Graham says this is not a leash law but, dogs that are determined to be vicious will likely be required to be contained in some way.


  1. Wow, so who thought it was a good idea to own 7 dogs of a breed likely to have dog-directed aggression?

    You probably are one of those people who think that pit bulls were not artificially selected by dogmen over many generations to enjoy their work and be good at it.

    Even the more honest pit bull advocate groups would tell you owning 7 pit bulls is a big risk. 

  2. Artificially selected?
    In your context, what dog breed wasn't?
    It's not like they were created in a test tube.
    Man's "creation" of the Pit Bull-type dog was just an advance of nature.
    Eventually, the breeds that were used to "create" these dogs would have come together through natural means.

    Everybody, Pit Bull advocates and non-advocates alike, has different views on many a different issue.
    Is it a risk? Life is a risk.
    But if owning 7 Pit Bulls is a risk, then it's a risk that I am happy to take.
    It's been my life for nearly 20 years and I'm not ready to throw in the towel.
    Would I recommend you do the same? No. In fact, I wouldn't recommend you get a cat not knowing your "attributes".
    Me? I know my limitations and strong points.
    I have the time, energy, means, knowledge and skills necessary to train, protect and control my dogs.

    I have 7 very happy and healthy dogs, I'm completely happy with them, and I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world.


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