Saturday, June 25, 2011

Q-C man recovering from dog attack

By Steve Martens, Quad City Times

Nursing a broken collarbone and covered with scrapes and bite marks, Ted Woodruff said Friday he felt fortunate not to have been more seriously injured when he was attacked by two pit bulls Wednesday while riding his bicycle at Credit Island Park in Davenport.
Woodruff, 63, said he was riding his bike in the park late Wednesday afternoon when he noticed two dogs coming toward him from the side.
Woodruff, who lives in Davenport and is a professor of economics at St. Ambrose University, said he frequently rides his bike or jogs and has encountered dogs before. He said experience taught him that if he kept riding, the dogs likely would chase him. But if he got off his bike and confronted them, they would leave him alone.
“Not with these,” he said.
Woodruff said as the dogs attacked him, he used his bike to try to fend them off. But as he held one dog at bay, the other would circle around behind him and bite him.
Woodruff said as he began turning in a circle, holding the bike in front of him, he became dizzy and fell to the ground. After he got up and fell again, Woodruff said he stayed down.
“I just laid on the ground, thinking they would eat me alive,” he said.
To his surprise, once he laid down and stopped moving, the dogs stopped attacking him, he said.
Fortunately for Woodruff, Mike and Jen Allen, Davenport natives who now live in Austin, Texas, were in town visiting their parents. Mike had decided to show friends from Texas who had come along on the trip his old fishing spots at Credit Island.
Jen Allen said they were in their car when they came across Woodruff, and initially thought he had fallen off his bike. She said they then saw the dogs, and thought Woodruff was playing with them.
“Then we saw he was bloody,” she said.
She said her husband called 911, and the group waited with Woodruff until paramedics arrived.
Animal control officers took the dogs into custody. They must remain at the Humane Society of Scott County for 10 days to make sure they don’t have rabies, said Pam Arndt, the organization’s executive director. She said the owners of the dogs have been identified.
Arndt said the owners are the subject of another investigation being conducted by the Humane Society, and it has not been determined if the dogs will be returned to them.
Woodruff spent Wednesday night in a Quad-City hospital, but said Friday his most painful injury was the broken collarbone he believes he sustained when he fell on the ground.
He said he was grateful for the help he received.
“I was just so lucky,” he said.

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