Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rick Ross Sued After His Pit Bulls Kill A Neighbor's Dog

By Steven J. Horowitz, Hip Hop DX

Ricky Rozay is yet to apologize for his dog's deadly behavior, prompting his neighbor to file suit for $15,000 in damages

A neighbor is suing Rick Ross after three of his pit bulls escaped from his Atlanta, Georgia mansion in April and mauled her pet Yorkshire Terrier, who died in the attack.
The neighbor claims that the three-year-old puppy had “three large bit wounds on his back” as well as a “very large bit wound” around his neck. Police arrived on the scene freed the dog from the attack, but the owner was forced to euthanize the dog since the wounds were so extreme.
Ross was cited for the incident, but the neighbor also filed a lawsuit against the Teflon Don demanding $15,000 in court costs and damages. The neighbor claims that Ross is yet to apologize for the incident.

Update July 22, 2011 - The following article is by Andrew Winistorfer, Prefix:
Rick Ross Dog Lawsuit Case Dismissed

Back in June, it was reported that Rick Ross was being sued by one of his neighbors, who was alleging that one of Ross' pitbulls killed her yorkie. Today comes the news that, well, maybe Ross' pitbull did kill a yorkie, but his neighbor didn't serve the lawsuit to Ross correctly, so a judge has dismissed the case. But the neighbor is free to file the lawsuit again, and we could be very soon subjected to the sight of Ross in a court room. I wonder if he'll wear a shirt. [TMZ]

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