Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tempe couple finds puppy with ingrown collar

From The Republic

Authorities are asking pet owners to check their animals' collars after a Tempe couple found a four-month-old puppy wondering in an alley with a collar so tight it was growing into its neck.
The Arizona Animal Welfare League & Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took in the male puppy, believed to be a beagle/pit bull terrier mix. He was found with his sister, whose collar was also on tight but not as severely as the male puppy. The dogs were also underfed and very thirsty.
The couple took the dogs to a veterinarian hospital for care, paid for their treatment and boarding, and then contacted the AAWL & SPCA, which is now caring for the dogs.
"Puppies can grow very quickly," said Shannon Blizzard, director of operations for AAWL & SPCA. "If the collar is not loosened to keep pace with the dog's size, it can literally grow into the skin, causing excruciating pain."
Blizzard noted that hundreds of animal neglect cases are investigated each year, and many of them involve collars becoming embedded in the necks of growing dogs. An owner should check a puppy's collar every week until it is fully grown, which can be more than a year for large breeds. Both dogs - now known as Channing and Claudia - are available for adoption at the AAWL & SPCA shelter, at 30 N. 40th Place in Phoenix. Staff members said Channing's wounds are healing well.
For more information about adopting a dog from AAWL & SPCA, go to or call 602-273-6852, ext. 116.

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